As an individual I feel as though it’s important to learn as much as you can and utilize every aspect of what the internet has to offer. With that being said I have learned and been self-taught for nearly 10 years. Many of those skills that I have learned are now being offered as a service.

Domain Broker – I am selective with what I choose to broker and often prefer strong .coms but will consider other extensions depending on the domain or portfolio.

Graphic Design – Logos, Banners, Headers, Business Cards, Buttons, Avatars, WordPress Themes, HTML themes and really anything that needs to be designed.

Realistic Sketches – Realistic sketches, animals or anything that you have an image of or can describe to me. At this time all sketches are done in pencil and then scanned onto the computer. I do not offer coloring at this time.

Content Creation – Articles, rewrites, blog posts, reviews, descriptions, sales pages, eBooks and etc.

Adult Content – Adult stories, adult gallery descriptions, adult product and service reviews.

This is just a few of the services that I offer at this time but if you would like to have something done that may not fit into any of these categories just shoot me an email with what you need done and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  For samples and pricing please click the page that is associated with each type of service.