Melly is a fabulous, highly intelligent, and conscientious designer with a very good creative mind.  You should hire her.
Owen Frager

There are a lot of amateur designers out there, offering their services as though they were professionals. I’d seen some of Melly’s work before and this instilled confidence in me that she knew what she was doing. Surely enough, after having ordered my logo, it turns out my intuition was correct. She was able to put my seemingly unclear thoughts into a graphic which just said ‘this one’s a winner!’ to me from the second I saw it. Finishing touches were made promptly, and I was provided with a JPEG and PSD’s of the final product. For the best possible quality, service, and bang for your buck, I would strongly recommend Melly.
Maxwell Arnold

Melly was just what I needed. I hired her from oDesk and was more than pleased with her design. She got everything right on the first try. So far I have hired her for numerous logos and will be using her services as often as possible. If you are looking for a designer who is fast and efficient I highly recommend her.

Jason Hampton